After leveraging the assistance of our Lincoln professionals, you'll land on the luxury model you want to drive the half an hour it takes to reach your home on the outskirts of Morristown, NJ. Nonetheless, before seizing the keys to your Lincoln MKC and introducing the new SUV to your family, you have one last decision to make. Do you want to purchase and own this luxury mode of transportation or would you rather sign a temporary lease? The conclusion should reflect your lifestyle and plans for the time you'll spend behind the wheel of this upscale vehicle.

At Performance Lincoln, our finance center offers two avenues for luxury shoppers near Parsippany: leasing and purchasing. With advantages stemming from both options, New Jersey customers won't have to make this decision in person. By using our lineup of digital tools, these customers, living northwest of us in Dover, NJ, can decide and execute a portion of Lincoln financing from the comfort of home. Creating these tools saves our Lincoln shoppers time from commuting to our luxury dealership more than required.

By taking advantage of tools housed in our digital finance center, New Jersey shoppers can accomplish more from a computer or smartphone before finishing up the process at our Randolph, NJ finance center:

  • Find out the advantages of Lincoln leasing.
  • See the benefits of purchasing a Lincoln model.
  • Get a True Cash Offer™ for your trade-in vehicle.
  • Estimate your Equifax® Credit Score in minutes.
  • Complete, review and submit your credit application.

At Performance Lincoln, your time is considered an asset that we do not want to waste. By allowing those served Denville to explore Lincoln financing online, we're saving time that you would've otherwise spent at our dealership. Investigate the avenues of Lincoln financing and submit your credit application for your Lincoln MKC before booking a trip to Performance Lincoln in Randolph, NJ.

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