Three Car Care Tips to Ensure a Safer Summer While Driving

As a car owner, every season you’re presented with certain challenges, and summer is no exception. Although the summer is popular for most drivers in Randolph, NJ to enjoy their car more often, it also brings unavoidable hazardous conditions. Performance Lincoln wants you to remain safe while driving this summer.

Tip#1: Have your car battery tested.

Naturally, winter produces an extreme cold that affects your battery, but it’s designed to protect itself by having the proper cold-cranking amps to start your engine. However, excessive heat in the summer can decrease battery fluid, which can cause battery failure and lead to a vehicle breakdown on the streets of Parsippany or elsewhere. You should also ensure the battery terminals and battery cables are completely free of corrosive build-up.

Tip#2: Keep the radiator coolant level full.

The radiator is part of the cooling system and needs a consistent flow of coolant (also known as antifreeze) to cool the engine or it will overheat. Consider how hot it gets outside during peak summer months in Dover, NJ and then imagine how much of an increase in heat is produced by your engine. Do you get the picture? NOTE: Never under any circumstances attempt to check the radiator fluid while the engine is hot.

Tip#3: Maintain proper tire air pressure.

You should have an air pressure gauge handy at all times. Most tires require 32 pounds per square inch (PSI). However, refer to the owner's manual for the precise specifications or the actual tires on your vehicle. Tire air pressure should also be checked prior to an extended road trip out of Denville, as well as visually inspected for any foreign objects, such as nails or glass. Additionally, this is a good time to have your tires rotated if you've fallen behind on the maintenance.

Bonus Tip: Update your roadside emergency kit.

Be sure that you have all the below essentials in your roadside emergency kit and you’ll be all set for Morristown, NJ adventures:

  • Jumper Cables
  • Basic Tools
  • Phone Charger
  • Flashlight
  • First Aid Kit
  • Bottle of Oil
  • Windshield Washer Fluid
  • Gallon of Water
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