Avoid Major Problems When Jump Starting Another Vehicle

Navigating the roads in places like Randolph provides plenty of opportunity for car owners to assist other drivers in need. One of the most common things that other drivers need, is a quick jump start. It is very important that you understand the proper way to jump start another car. Your own vehicle’s systems rely on it.

While situated in a safe place, bring the front ends of both cars together. Using clearly marked jumper cables, clasp a positive connector to the positive terminal of the dead battery. Then, connect to the positive of the live battery. Attach a negative clasp to the negative post of the good battery, and the other end to a solid metal portion of the other car. This order of attachment is needed to ensure grounding, and a proper circuit. The final step is turning the ignition of the car with the dead battery. After it starts, remove the cables in reverse order.

Many newer cars that have computer components experience electrical and digital problems after a jump start is performed. If you have received a jump start, or performed one, it is imperative to have your car’s computer checked for warning codes. Specialists in our service center at Performance Ford Lincoln can use special diagnostic equipment to determine if the jump was clear. Helping other drivers is a good thing, but always take care of your own vehicle after emergency situations.

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