Know Your Vehicle, Know Your Gaskets

Most vehicular breakdowns in Randolph can be easily prevented, if only drivers better understand how important their gaskets are. Sadly, many don’t really get what these are or what they do. We’re dedicated to the safety of drivers here, so we want to share some information on the nature of gaskets.

Gaskets are flexible seals, usually made of steel or copper and rubber. They’re supposed to stop liquids from mixing or escaping and keeping air in or out of places they should or shouldn’t be. There are several key gaskets to keep an eye on: intake/exhaust manifold which helps control air flow and temperature, cylinder head which pad the spaces between heads and the engine block and oil pan which keeps oil in the pan (vital when the crankshaft is moving!).

Gaskets are obvious about their impending demise, cracking, letting gaps form as they stiffen and no longer seal things and allowing gross deposits to build up. To prevent this from happening early, change your oil and fluids on a regular basis and be aware if your engine is running too hot.

Come see us in our service center at Performance Ford Lincoln to learn all about these vital components!

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