The Innovation of Ease - Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Driving Features

At first glance, the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid luxury midsize car is a welcomed departure from similar vehicles in its class. Designed to impress, everything from its dynamic exterior design to its superior interior amenities redefines expectations.

While the powertrain and automatic transmission system elevate its performance, the adaptive cruise control is the true star of the show. Combining innovative technologies with solid performance, the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid cruise control offers an intuitive experience unlike any other.

When activated, the built-in radar scans the road ahead of you. As traffic patterns change, it automatically adjusts your speed to keep a safe distance between you and other cars. However, its stop-and-go technology is truly impressive. Should traffic come to a complete stop, your MKZ Hybrid safely brings your car to a halt. Once movement resumes, it automatically accelerates to your preset speed. Cruising throughout the streets of Randolph, NJ has never been safer or more enjoyable.

The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid isn’t what you’d expect from a midsize luxury car. Visit Performance Ford Lincoln today and test drive the latest innovation in luxury driving.

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