Applying Good Bad Weather Driving Skills Can Prevent Hydroplaning

Bad weather can strike at any time, and it is often necessary to drive cars or trucks in these types of conditions. There are many hazards related to bad weather driving, but one of the most insidious is known as hydroplaning.

Hydroplaning happens when very thin wedges of water build up between tire treads and hard road surfaces. As this happens, the tires may begin to glide over this watery film and lose contact with the ground.

Hydroplaning can cause a terrifying loss of vehicular control, and it often happens at high-speed. Thankfully, drivers who apply sensible driving precautions can prevent the onset of this hazard.

Drivers operating their vehicles during stormy or wet weather should maintain slow speeds in order to prevent traction loss. They should also avoid using their cruise control systems. Lastly, they should use appropriate tires and have them serviced when necessary,

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